Delta2 Solutions in action



Delta2 Content Engine deployment and web site solutions:

Art Gallery
Furniture Retail
Labeling Boiled Eggs
Travel Agency
Video Production
Furniture Manufacturing

Alba Avis (Art Gallery) <top>

Art Gallery web site build around couple of hundred paintings and sculptures. Delta2 Content Engine provides content with details for every item.

Simpo Canada (Furniture Retail) <top>

All furniture inventory was partitioned in to separate groups and loaded in to the Delaa2 database. From there, Delta2 Content Engine feeds pages on demand by site visitors.

Egg Decorations (Labeling for boiled eggs) <top>

This site was designed and hosted by Delta2 Technologies. Initial design form defined direction in design process which was followed and approved by web site owner. Presented is new process in labeling boiled eggs, commonly practiced during Easter Christian celebration.

Mosaic Tour (Travel Agency) <top>

Site was build and designed around couple major services Mosaic Tour provides. Major line of thinking was to enable quick content change for services which are time dependent, like air tickets and last minute travels deals. Delta2 Content Engine is behind these fast changing offers.

Bodic Media (Video production and school) <top>

Bodic Media is own by Sergie Bodic, well known and praised world reporter and videographer. Sergie established video production office in Canada and started couching video skills to reporters-to-be. He also present his video reports from large archive he owns. All is presented on static web site, designed and populated with content Sergie provided. Site is hosted by Delta2 Technologies Hosting Services.

Five Star Furnishings (Furniture manufacturing) <top>

Five Star Furnishings is custom furniture manufacture. Practically furniture is produced for large institutions (government offices, hotels etc.) and private home owners. Also, Five Star Furnishings is specialized in high end kitchen design and manufacture. Site is build around photographs of designed furniture, and presented in couple of groups. Site is static, enabling low volume changes per request.



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