Delta2 Concept
(and Cloud Computing)


Main direction, which is guiding Delta2 Technologies, is lined up under Cloud Computing fundamentals. Our approach and solution was erected around recognition of expensive web content management fees. Companies needed to make daily changes with their web pages, and the classic approach to performing this task was, and still is, slow and expensive for small business managers. This has become a common problem that has hindered growth in many companies; and has had very few inexpensive solutions addressed to it.

We have observed that the majority of the updates or changes being made to websites were strictly statistical and not extensively complex, they included: pricing, product pictures, descriptions, etc.; all of which is local data. We recognized that there is demand to create software, which allows companies to employ changes to their web contents by themselves or an authorized employee, within the company. Our solution was to create an online tool for website content change, which can be accessed from any computer that has a browser and Internet connection. Users do not need to install anything. Only requirement needed is a login and password. Without the employment of Delta2 software, companies are forced to use a Webmaster or web-developer for content change, which is now an obsolete intermediary process that has proven to be slower and several times more expensive. If you decide to employ our software solutions, you can be assured that change will be simply and adaptive, as our programmers' focus was to make the learning curve of Delta2 products fast, and truly user-friendly.

Delta2 has the capacity to create a new website for our clients, or simply take their existing website and implement the online software inside, regardless of hosting or previous website design. Our Content Engine stores all client data online, in a confidential manner; and any changes that are made to this content are always updated in real-time. As mentioned above, larger companies can employ authorized employees to acquire responsibility for managing data on the different website portions they are assigned to, enabling better management within the company.



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